About Trudy Beerman

President, CEO

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Trudy Beerman is a TV Producer, Radio Host and Best Selling Author, with many Financial Industry Credentials.

Trudy Beerman believes she is everything the Bible says she is. She breathes in faith and exhales fear. She is the Speaker who finds the money trail in any topic. She is a Christian Stewardship Strategist who moves Christian business owners and income earners to #BeMore #HaveMore #GiveMore.

Our fearless leader will challenge people to shift their focus from money as god to the God who gives them the ability to earn money. Money definitely gets people's attention and energy, but mostly in very negative ways. Worry. Envy. Fear. Anger. Depression. It was never meant to be that way. Money is just a tool, a very powerful tool - but the Bible recognizes it as a distraction so strong that many have made money their god - and we cannot serve two masters.

Trudy is mult-licenced and certified in the Financial space. She is a six-times published author with a Best Seller, has had a few shows aired on cable TV, been a columnist for newspapers and published articles in nationally syndicated magazines.

To execute this burning thing God placed in her heart; first - God made her live the pain that many of you feel so that she would understand it and be empathetic. He made her know what it was to be perceived as poor and the recipient of charitable handouts. He made her know what it was to have much and lose it. He made her know what it was to be so broke she felt broken. God also showed her, from scripture, the way from under all these challenges.

Trudy shares her insights and AHAs willingly, generously, and often.

Trudy lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband - Dennis. She is the mother of 4 children of whom she is well pleased. Trudy was born in Kingston, Jamaica - the child of Christian Missionaries.



Trudy holds the Florida Real Estate Broker, Insurance Agent Licenses. She is also a Paralegal and served as a Dave Ramsey Financial Fitness leader, and was a former member of the Kingdom Advisors.

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